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It’s hard to believe that only six years ago we opened our first O’Brion’s in Ion of Mt. Pleasant. Now, years later, we proudly boast three locations in the Charleston, SC area. Don’t believe that we have a pot of gold in our pubs and don’t believe we have any Leprechauns running around either. What we do have are a lot of good beers on tap, great food, and some pretty smiles waiting to serve you as soon as you step through our front doors. We are always looking for new smiles, so if you’d like to become a member of the O’Brion’s crew, stop by any of our locations to fill out an application.

Latest News

August 26th, 2016


We are always looking for enthusiastic, upbeat, punctual, hardworking team players to work with. Stop by any of our three locations to put in your application. We are looking to fill all positions at all locations for our upcoming busy season!

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